About Us

Founded in 2010 by Abhishek Syal, ARISE Impact (Act to Rise for Innovation in Special Education Impact) is a non-profit developing confidence, language fluency and life skills of people with disabilities.

We believe in empowering change from within. By enabling self-confidence, we believe that people with disabilities can lead more inclusive, purposeful lives and create value for society through their work and contributions.

We deploy self-learning and self-training as a tool (an intervention). We have found that self-learning and self-training for people with disabilities leads to them feeling empowered, and trusting themselves to learn on their own. This opens them up to explore and teach themselves new concepts - a much needed skill in an ever-changing business world.


ARISE Impact's journey begins in Abhishek's childhood where his mother used to take him and his sister to visit the Institute for the Blind in Chandigarh, on their birthdays.

In 2006, Abhishek began to spend more and more time at the Institute, attending the classes and observing how the children learned. By experiencing learning with them, he invented a multi-patent pending map and diagram reader for the visually challenged children in India. While working on his research from 2006- 2010, he realized that his work was enabling self-learning for the visually challenged children, a much needed skill for empowering them from within.

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Bilingual self-learning courses for better employability outcomes for people with disabilities.