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Meet Gurpreet:

Gurpreet’s school forms the outside world for her. She interacts mostly with teachers and parents.We wanted to transform the education of children like Gurpreet so we started learning with them. We got older students and adults involved in content creation and developed and tested our resources. Gurpreet can now learn from over 300 Special Education Modules.

icon Impact

Our capstone service is delivering Special Education Modules (SEMs). Such a skillset gives a visually challenged child self-confidence to try out new things.

We have transformed the education of over 1000 visually challenged children.

Results have shown a 21.5% increase in average test scores.

Our engagement levels measure vs 30-40% with comparable resources.

icon Innovation

Extensive Field Research Surveys conducted in 2010 and 2011, demonstrated audio and tactile to be the most interactive mediums for delivering educational content to the visually challenged. These led us to establish the SPECIAL methodology in designing course content and delivery. Our well researched , innovative technologies contain the best content and design for cognitive self-learning. This led us to the development of Special Education Modules.


icon Honors

NCPEDP Universal Design Award 2012

MIT Technology Review TR 35 Under 35 India Innovator 2013

The eNGO Challenge South Asia 2014

CityAwake Premier Showcase and Host of Disability Unconference 2015

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    When I am not working on ARISE Impact, I am either creating poetry or trying out something new

    Abhishek Syal


  • When I'm not working with ARISE, I'm eating a Pizza

    Himani Singh


  • Rohit Lall

    Strategic Advisor

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    When I am not working for ARISE, I am checking out new restaurants and reviewing them

    Erandi Palihakkara


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    When I'm not working with ARISE, I'm reading or strumming something on my Guitar

    Arnav Pandey

    Product Manager

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    When I am not working at ARISE, I am at an icecream parlour indulging in icecreams with my son

    Lavina Bijani

    HR Manager

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    When I am not working for ARISE, I am having fun with my lovely family, reading books, and going on hikes

    Maya Levy Meurk

    Salesforce Specialist

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    Moustafa Ishak


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    UI / UX

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    Jacquelyn Andstorm



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  • Making A Difference With ARISE Impact
    Posted by : Himani on 15 October 2015

    From Delhi Public school, India, to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, the journey of Chandani Doshi has been an admirable balance of academic excellence and social conscience. Currently a junior at MIT, majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Chandani has completed...

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  • Can you use PC with your eyes closed?
    Posted by : Abhishek Syal on 2 January 2012

    A quick visit at NAB, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, was an eye-opener! I had always asked myself: How do you teach navigating a computer screen to the blind ? It seems unthinkable to me as to how a person who cannot see, can actually work on a screen based device...

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  • My Journey with ARISE
    Posted by : Mohit Gupta on 12 August 2012

    It was in Feb 2012 that I had started to look for a meaningful intern during my summer holidays. It was when I came to know about A R I S E and the noble work which this organisation was doing for the cause of underprivileged children specifically blind students...

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  • My Experience with ARISE
    Posted by : Ankita Goyal on 5 January 2012

    By volunteering with A R I S E, I feel like I am making a difference and a sense of accomplishment. I always wanted to help physically challenged people and A R I S E gave me that platform. I really liked interacting with visually challenged students the most....

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    Join our community of hundreds of individuals who are striving to disseminate innovative educational tools to differently-abled children.

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    Your generous donations fuel the programs we are developing. .You can donate to us in cash or kind. We are tax-exempt Charitable Trust, with our Registration at S.No. 292-A under 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 at Chandigarh, India.


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  • Volunteer

    Your time and your talents are what help us improve the education and employability of the differently-abled. Our volunteers can work from anywhere in the world, in a cross functional environment that encourages self-development. We take pride in our work culture being open-minded, feedback oriented and results oriented.

    Reach out to us at :